4s 36Ah Field Charging Battery Build


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Get a custom field pack with 3D printed case for charging your LiPos on the go! These are made from reclaimed high-grade ring doorbell batteries that have never been cycled. This allows for major cost saving over buying new cells without the performance disadvantages of many other salvage cells (old laptop batteries, powertool batteries…). They are inserted into 3d printed holders and spot welded with nickel strip and a kWeld for consistent and reliable welds. Larger batteries are available upon request, please email my name @ isaacs.site for a quote.

In the standard configuration, these are the specs:
– 4s12p 36Ah, compatible with most chargers
– 30 amp maximum continuous output
– XT60 connector for charging and output
– SUPERWORM branded super flexible main lead wire
– JST-XH balance connector
– High quality ABS printed enclosure & cell holders to ensure battery safety and durability.
– No BMS installed by default, this means you will need to set your charger’s voltage cutoff correctly and balance lead

How many batteries can I charge?

The pack is approximately 530Wh. Take the watt hour measurement of your battery (volts * amp hour), multiply it by 0.9 (90%) to account for efficiency losses in the charger, and then divide 530 by the Wh of your battery. (530*0.9) / BatteryWh

This has been precalculated for several common battery sizes for your convenience:
– 24x 4s 1300mAh batteries
– 21x 4s 1500mAh batteries
– 19x 6s 1100mAh batteries
– 16x 6s 1300mAh batteries
– 143x 2s 450mAh batteries
– 368x 1s 350mAh batteries
All figures are estimates based on a 90% charger efficiency and 100% perfect battery capacity and may not accurately represent real-world numbers.

Additional information

High Durability Armadillo Case & TPU Cell Inserts (+$50)

Yes, No

BMS for additional safety (+$20)

Yes, No

Active Balancer to keep cells in balance (+$20)

Yes, No


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